Solar Lighting Technology Reduces Panel Size

Most shoppers assume that solar panels feed directly into the light source.

This simplistic view works for the science experiment in class, but in a commercial application, a more robust system is needed.

Most modern solar systems use a battery system for storing electricity until it is needed. As it turns out, these charging systems and batteries are every bit as important as the solar panels.

An efficient charge controller will optimize the rate of charging to ensure that as much energy is fed into the battery system as is safely possible, based on the weather and solar conditions of that day

Then, at night, these charge controllers are responsible for using the energy in an efficient manner and providing light.

Solar Lighting International specializes in patent-pending charge controller technology that wastes the least amount of energy possible while still offering the longest battery life. You can read more about this solar street light system, here:

An efficient lighting system will use a high-end charge controller, a reliable battery and a low-amperage LED system that still delivers an optimal amount of lumens.

When spec’d appropriately, even small municipalities can afford solar lighting systems. These solar lamps then provide lighting for rural communities with no need to trench for electric lines and no monthly electricity costs.


Tips For Moving a Piano Without Injuring Yourself

Moving any large piece of furniture can be difficult. The same is true of a piano. A piano is particularly difficult because it happens to be more delicate than a lot of other larger pieces of furniture. Hiring a professionally trained moving company like is your best bet.  But, if you are insistent on doing it yourself, we will discuss some of the key tips to use when you are looking to move a piano without hurting yourself.

Tips For Moving a Piano:

1. Equipment and Tools.

The biggest thing that you will want to be sure to get is the right equipment and tools. You want to be sure to invest in the right equipment and tools because it will make a big difference in determining how successful and easy the move is. Having the right equipment and tools to move a large piano can be the difference between having an easy move and a much more difficult one. You want to invest in the right kind of equipment for the move including a large enough dolly, moving straps, padded protective blankets, and more. Having everything that you need to make the move as easy as possible will assist you in having a successful move.

2. Plan Ahead.

You want to be sure to plan ahead of the move. In order to move any large piece of furniture, you should focus on planning ahead for space where you will be moving it to. Not only do you want to account for the space that the piano is going to take up in the new spot, but you also want to look at the direction and route that you will need to take in order to actually move the piano in the first place. Figuring out where you will need to go to move the piano will allow you to factor in the space needed to get it done.

3. Get Help.

Another thing that you should attempt to do is to get someone to assist you. While you might be able to pull off the move by yourself, it would be much wiser to get someone to assist you throughout the process to make it much easier. Along with making it easier, you will be able to have them there to support you in case you run into an issue that you need particular help with. They will be able to take a lot of the load off of you even if they are not able to necessarily lift half of the weight themselves.

Overall, there is plenty to consider when it comes to moving a large piano. Whenever you are moving a large piece of furniture, especially one that might be fragile like a piano, it is important to have all of the necessary tools and pieces of equipment to have a successful move. Getting everything ready and planning ahead will allow you to have a much more successful move. Try to get someone to assist you with the move and you will be able to make it even easier and safer.

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