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Why we need water filters

I know way too much about water, and it frustrates me to no end that people are not more educated about it. Brace yourself. I’m about to go off on a rant on water…

It should be simple, right? Turn on the faucet, and Voila! Clean, crisp water—the source of life, needed for a healthy body. It will help us lose weight and give us better skin. It will quench our thirst faster than soda or any fruity drink. The value of water is unquestionable. Why is it then that we in the US have such issues with water?
We are in a crazy bind in California. There is no water here because it never rains in sunny California. We have to import water from other states or other parts of California, costing the state tons and tons of money. What bugs me is that people just run their water like it’s going out of style. We can’t make water, people!
California is super important for the rest of the US. I’m not talking about Hollywood either. Central California is the bread basket of America. It’s crucial that it has water to irrigate the fields, if not we will be in deep doo doo and dependent on other countries to feed us. Do we really want that?

I hate hearing the news… “Get ready to pay more for water…” like it’s a bad thing. The infrastructures that bring us water are outdated. They are in constant need of repairs. Here’s a scary thought: In earthquake California, The Big One would devastate our water supply. I will pay whatever, just get me good quality water. I don’t need a new Louis Vuitton handbag; I need water to LIVE.

10 Top Reasons Why We Do Need Water Filters:

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  1. Filtered water contains no harmful chemical such as chlorine, lead or fluoride. These substances are potential causes of various types of cancer.
  2. Water filter saves you money otherwise spent on bottled water.
  3. Clean water has no toxins. Tap water can contain up to 2100 of them.
  4. You look better. Clean water revitalizes skin, makes hair shinier and nails stronger. All thanks to the elimination of chlorine.
  5. Reduces risk of potential birth defects in newborns. Certain nitrates found in the tap water can have severe consequences for the health of the fetus.
  6. Your kids will be healthier. If you prepare the formula with clean water, you keep your baby safe.
  7. Fewer headaches. Our brain is mostly composed of water. Guess what will happen if that water is free of toxins.
  8. Food tastes better because its natural flavor is preserved.
  9. Clean water improves air quality in your home. Get rid of the vaporized chlorine from the tap water.
  10. Improve your digestive system. A glass of clean water first thing in the morning makes wonders.

That brings me to water treatment. If the water is not filtered, you’re drinking all the crap that’s used to treat the water. Fish have changed sexes because of some of the crap used in the water treatment process like birth control. And you want to give that to your son or daughter? Oh hells no! Chlorine doesn’t feel good on your skin after a swim in the pool. Why would you want to put it IN your body? Yep, they use it to treat water. And fluoride is poison. I don’t care what the dentist says. There are NUMEROUS studies, proving how bad it is for you. Europe doesn’t add fluoride to its water. Why do we? Because money talks.

The water we use today contains lots of pollution and impurities – bacteria, dust and toxic substances. Lots of industries throw waste water in lakes which is the main cause of water pollution. Because of such problems, it is difficult to get pure drinking water and that is the prerequisite for a healthy life.

Water treatment altogether is not a bad thing and varies between regions. If it wasn’t treated, you could get really sick. That’s why you can get Montezuma’s Revenge if you drink water in Mexico. The key is to filter your water to get rid of all the junk used to treat water.
If you knew me, you’d understand my background in politics. I consider myself an educated, smart person with or without the credentials on the wall, and I don’t trust the existing and proposed water policies. Don’t mess with my kids health. Don’t mess with my health.

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