Top 5 Types of Home Water Filtration Systems for your House: How to Choose

Top 5 Types of Home Water Filtration Systems for your House: How to Choose

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We recently did a lot of research into water filters, and thought we’d share it with the Two Bit Community!

We cover whole house water filters, which are installed and permanent to the house, and also counter top style which is better if you rent.

Discover the various options available to you, and better understand the pros and cons, of each.

We highly recommend you get a test kit to better understand your current water quality. You can always call a professional to do a professional water test as well, if you’re concerned you might live in a problematic area.

Don’t forget that you can always combine these different filters as well. So even if you installed a 3 stage whole house filter, you can still get a Berkey or ZeroWater pitcher filter and get the benefits of both.

We really hope you guys enjoyed this, thanks for your support, check out our links and as always, see you guys next time!!

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