STONE Division: ITALMECC “C” Series, Water Filtration Systems

STONE Division: ITALMECC “C” Series, Water Filtration Systems

The ITALMECC”C” water filtration systems consists of the following items:
– a submerged pump positioned in a small pit used to pump out the slurry generated by the granite and marble cut/polish operations.
– one stainless steel water silo (different capacities are available) used for the slurry decantation.
– one flocculent mixing unit (optional), used to mix and add periodically the flocculent into the silo. Flocculent speeds up significantly the separation between the water and the slurry. This will speed up the capacity of the water flow of the whole system.
– two frames complete with filter bags, used to receive the discharged slurry.
– one filtropress (optional), used to receive the discharged slurry and compress it in bricks. The use of a filtropress is recommended when there is a significant water flow of the system, thus it will speed up the process.
– an accumulation tank (for the clean water) used as a buffer.
– two pumps to send back the clean water to the cutting/polishing machines.

The silo manufactured by Italmecc is in stainless steel to guarantee a long life expectancy even in presence of acid waters, welding is done by robots for the maximum quality and consistency, premium brands of the components, such as Siemens pumps, are used to provide an excellence product to our customers.

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