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Many homes have a lawn, where people of all ages can relax after a hard day at work. A well maintained and lush lawn greatly improves the appearance of a house, and all adds to its rental and resale value. However ensuring that the lawn is well maintained can be very tedious and time consuming for the homeowner, especially if he has a busy schedule . Hence many homeowners in Chesapeake, Suffolk and Virginia Beach are interested in finding a suitable Lawn Care Company like Lenard’s Lawn Care Service¬†who can take care of their lawn and ensure that it is properly maintained at an affordable rate.

For proper maintenance of the lawn, the lawn care business offers various services for property owners with a lawn like

  • Mowing the lawn, to trim the grass so that it remains approximately 3 inches in height so that it will require less water
  • Blowing
  • Edging – ensuring that the edge of the lawn is properly defined
  • Aeration, creating air pockets, so that there water, oil, fertilizers can reach the soil
  • Over-seeding , over a period of time, the grass plants dry up, hence grass seeds are released so that new grass can grow and the lawn remains green looking
  • Fertilization – adding fertilizer to the lawn, so that the lawn grass has all the nutrients it requires so that it will grow well. It is recommended that the fertilization of the lawn should be done at least four times a year.
  • Weed control should also be done six times a year, to remove the weeds which will grow in the lawn.
  • Preventive Fungus treatment – to prevent growth of the fungus should be done at least twice in a year
  • Root development – done four times a year, so that the roots are growing properly
  • Lime application to low the pH levels of the soil, making it less acidic and more suitable for lawn growth
  • lawn clean up after each mowing session

Initially it is recommended the property owner should get a soil test done for the lawn, so that suitable fertilizers can be selected for the lawn. Most of the lawncare companies are only providing crab grass and broad leaf in their lawn services, if other types of grasses like Bermuda grass are required additional fees may have to be paid. Depending on the budget of the home owner for maintenance of the lawn, they can choose to use one of their packages for lawn care whenever required, or the year around packages which include various treatments like weed control and fertilization repeated periodically.

There are three one off packages available for lawn care like basic, standard and premium, which differ in the lawn care service included. The basic package only includes mowing, blowing and edging. For the standard package, in addition to the services of the basic package, some additional services like aeration, over-seeding, fertilization and weed control are also included. The premium package has all the features of the standard package, and also includes additional services like preventive treatment so that fungus does not grow, developing roots, applying lime to make the soil less acidic.

Standard and premium options are available for the year around packages and include the services which are listed earlier. While these packages include mowing the lawn 36 times, the frequency of the other services is lower for optimal results. The year round packages are recommended for wealthy families who have enough money and want their lawn to remain in the best possible condition. Families with a limited budget can use the lawn services occasionally, and follow the guidelines and advice of Lenard’s lawn-care to ensure that the lawn remains in good condition.

Lenard’s Lawn Care Service is a veteran-owned business which has provided lawn care services to a large number of customers who are extremely happy with the services provided. They are licensed and insured, so that the customers can be assured of quality services, with all safety precautions taken. They use the best equipment and tools for mowing, seeding, weed control and other services they provide. Their staff is well trained and experienced in providing a complete range of lawn-care and related services. Hence homeowners who require lawn care services should contact Lenard’s lawn-care on email or phone for a free quote.

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