Homestead Laundry ~ Water Filtration ~ And More

Homestead Laundry ~ Water Filtration ~ And More

Melanie is washing clothes the old fashioned way with a bucket, plunger and homemade soap. Greenhouse updates, battery charging, crafting and more. Read the full article:

It was payday so Melanie and I went shopping for our monthly bulk groceries. We now go to Aldi where we get an entire shopping cart filled up for the same price as three little plastic bags at the local grocery store. No joke, the savings are that much.

It was a dark rainy day so we spent most of our time working inside the off grid tiny house today.

Melanie was washing clothes with a five gallon bucket and a plunger clothes washer that I have. We also use homemade soap which gets the clothes cleaner and fresher.

I put a shelf up in the tiny house loft window to grow plants on for the winter months since our greenhouse died out on us.

Out in the greenhouse I am using the work bench to restore dead lead acid batteries. I am using my old Bedini SSG motor to restore sulfated lead acid batteries to like new condition. I have restored many batteries with this old device through the years.

I have a bunch of dead jump starter packs which need to be restored and the Bedini motor does the job.

Inside the tiny house on wheels I have the new Quanta Magnetics Q3 charge accelerator restoring some more batteries. I am still building the device but I want to perform tests and experiments as I go on with the project.

Melanie was later sewing upstairs in the tiny house loft. She is trying to learn how to make quilts. She loves the little sewing machine that was gifted to her.

The solar power battery banks were not getting any charge today so if the sun does not shine soon we will have to use a generator.

I am hoping that the Quanta Q3 charge accelerator will speed up the charging process and also keep our off grid homestead battery bank in top shape for many years to come.

I took the mini bike out to the creek to get some drinking water. We filter creek water which is running right off the nearby mountain using a black Berkey water filter.

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