Bushcraft Water filtration, Made easy!

Bushcraft Water filtration, Made easy!

Water filtration is a major part of mental motivation in a survival situation

In a bushcraft, survival or prepping environment, starvation is a distinct probability. Getting a little practice in before hand isent a bad Idea.
I continually condition my self for bad situations using everyday techniques. Most of us these days are used to and struggle with dieting, so it should come as no surprise when it actually happens. But there is a big difference between having to and wanting to.


Prepping is, preparing for things unseen or unknown, there are so many things that can happen it is impossible to prepare for them all and history dictates a disaster is never far away.

Survival preparation goes hand in hand with Prepping. it is a way to reediness. and can be fun. well as much fun as gardening, mountain biking, going to the gym and the likes, but it also builds up life skills which one day might save your life.

Bush craft, these days has a large following. and offers a great way of building up outdoor skills and mindsets. Its a great place to start and many of our children already get involved with outdoor pursuits, not to mention the huge adult following,

Lofty Wiseman
Bear Grills
Ray Mears to name but a few have accelerated bush craft and survival in the last few years buy bringing to the television screens what was normally kept for the military.

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