Azud Disc Filtration Animation – Corrosion Resistant Water Filtration

Azud Disc Filtration Animation – Corrosion Resistant Water Filtration

This video shows the basic operation of the Azud Disc Filtration building block. The solids enter the filtration chamber under the cover. The Azud Helix sets up the cyclone effect, keeping the solids trapped under the cover and away from the discs (to aid in extension of time between backflushes and saving of water). Eventually the solids will saturate under the cover and begin to be trapped by the discs.

At this point, the differential pressure will start to rise. At the predetermined setpoint (in this case 0.5bar) the PLC or Controller will trigger a backflush by commanding the 3 way valve to reverse direction.

This opens the Disc Filter to drain and reverses the flow through the discs – the spring keeping the discs in compression releases and allows the discs to spin free under the pressure from the internal water jets – the solids are thus sprayed off the discs and sent to the drain.

We have micron ratings 400,200,130,100,50,20,10 and 5. Azud Disc Filtration is corrosion resistant and perfect for use in aggressive water environments without the need for exotic materials like Super Duplex, Titanium, Monel etc.

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